Top 10 podcasts of 2009

Dear listeners, new and old,
As we ring in the New Year, we want to make sure you haven’t missed the best podcasts that Authors Access has presented, as voted by you: the people who listen to the show

Rank Original
Air Date
Guest Subject Podcast
1 08-Aug-08 Jo Virgil Getting Your Book into a National Book Store
2 21-Aug-08 Yvonne Perry How to Become a Freelance Writer
3 04-Sep-08 Alice Acheson Publicity for Pennies
4 15-Nov-07 Carolyn Howard Johnson Frugal Book Promotion
5 16-Oct-08 Kevin Collier Kevin Collier – Illustrating and Designing Children’s Books
6 11-Dec-08 Alexis Niki Screenwriting 101
7 12-Nov-08 Ryan Johnson POD Printing Books and Games
8 20-Nov-08 Suzanne Lieurance Developing Your Passion of Writing as a Career
9 12-Nov-08 Edna Washington Using QuickBooks with Publishers in Mind
10 04-Dec-08 Barbara Hudgins Crafting Travel Guidebooks

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Author of "Beyond Trauma: Conversations on Traumatic Incident Reduction" and six other books.
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3 Responses to Top 10 podcasts of 2009

  1. I’m so proud to be on this list. I think this is the third year. As your mama promotion nagger, I hope all of you will put this link on your Web sites–at a minimum! It may be worth a media release if the release is worded as a resource! (-:

  2. admin says:

    You rock, Carolyn! 🙂

  3. Wow! I’m proud to be on this list, too. That’s wonderful! I’d love to do the show again in 2010.

    Until then, writers, “When your pen won’t budge, read The Morning Nudge –!

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