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02-Nov-06 Patricia Fry What to do BEFORE you write that book
09-Nov-06 Steve Neubauer Qualifying your Idea for a Book
16-Nov-06 Elizabeth Burton The Lifecycle of a Book: From Start to Finish
30-Nov-06 Karolina Linares Use Cash to Publish
07-Dec-06 Mark Levine Legal Issues of Self-Publishing
14-Dec-06 Bill Cooper Organization Matters
21-Dec-06 Joan Neubaeur Elements of Great Storytelling
04-Jan-07 John Kremer Secrets of Successful Book Marketing
11-Jan-07 Bette Daoust Putting Together a Book Marketing Plan
18-Jan-07 Michele DeFilippo Getting the Perfect Cover for Your Book
25-Jan-07 Lila Guzman Successful Writing in the Children’s Market
01-Feb-07 Shel Horowitz Breaking Out of the Bookstore
15-Feb-07 Joyce Scott How to Overcome Political Games in Publishing
22-Feb-07 Brent Sampson Navigating the Amazon Sales Rankings
01-Mar-07 Bob Gussin Independent Publishers in Today’s World
08-Mar-07 Paul McNeese Leveraging Your Book as a Brand Building Opportunity
15-Mar-07 Derek Armstronga How to Get Reviews with the Big Five
22-Mar-07 Tyler Tichelaar Regional Writing Tips & Techniques
29-Mar-07 Jane Saylor Kickstart Your Memoir!
05-Apr-07 Kate Bandos Creating A Media Kit That Works
12-Apr-07 Romanus Volter Action Steps To A Successful Proposal
19-Apr-07 Stanley Greenfield Book Promotion Tactics, Foreign Rights, and Publishing
26-Apr-07 Victor R. Volkman Understanding the Publishing Marketplace
03-May-07 Ken Maclean Internet Marketing and e-Books
10-May-07 Jesse Ferrell Success Through Backwards Planning
17-May-07 Jesse Ferrell Success Through Backwards Planning
24-May-07 Chris Roerden Don’t Murder Your Mystery!
31-May-07 P.M. Terrell From Author To Promoter
07-Jun-07 Ami Hendrickson Successful Ghostwriting, co-authoring, and collaboration
14-Jun-07 Penny Sansevieri From Book to Best Seller
21-Jun-07 Janet Walters and Jane Toombs Becoming Your Own Critique Partner
28-Jun-07 Irene Watson Getting Great Reviews
12-Jul-07 Bob Sanders Writing for the SciFi and Fantasy Market
19-Jul-07 Emi Battaglia Facts and Truths from a Top Traditional Publisher
26-Jul-07 Jacqueline Marcell How to Get Celebrity Endorsements
02-Aug-07 Shaila Abdullah Creating a Website That Sells Your Book
09-Aug-07 Susan Harrow Get a 6-Figure Advance – Before You Write Your Book
23-Aug-07 Lee Fodi Illustrations that Sell Children’s Book
30-Aug-07 Greg Daniel How to Get Noticed by an Agent or Publisher
06-Sep-07 Sylvia Hubbard Romancing the Book – writing and marketing the Romance Genre
13-Sep-07 Bob Rich Bob Rich – Working with an Editor
20-Sep-07 Anya Achtenberg Writing for Social Change
27-Sep-07 Deltina Hay Using Social Media to Promote Your Book
04-Oct-07 Jacqueline Church Simonds To Self-publish or not to Self-publish. The Big Question
11-Oct-07 Patrick Snow Why Readers Choose the Book by Its Cover
18-Oct-07 Mark David Gerson The Myth of Writers Block
25-Oct-07 Liz Carmack Tips for Planning and Organizing Research for Your Nonfiction book
01-Nov-07 Andrea Campbell Writing Realistic Forensics and Crime Stories
08-Nov-07 Jo Whittemore Writing for Teens and Young Adults
15-Nov-07 Carolyn Howard Johnson Frugal Book Promotion
29-Nov-07 Beverly Matherne Writing and Publishing Poetry
06-Dec-07 Maryglenn McCombs Why Should You Hire a Publicist?
13-Dec-07 Robert D. Reed Writing and Publishing Nonfiction
29-Dec-07 Linda Daly Book Marketing 101
17-Jan-08 Laura Waldman How Your chart reveals what you must write and why
07-Feb-08 Brad Grochowski Successful selling books online
21-Feb-08 Debbie Harold Writing, publishing, and selling erotica themed books
06-Mar-08 Victor Banis Writing and publishing gay/lesbian books
20-Mar-08 Dave Kuzminski Spotting Predators in the publishing world
03-Apr-08 Gini Scott Graham Making Connections: Syndication, Publication, Agents, …
17-Apr-08 Toby Herld Producing and Selling Audiobooks
01-May-08 Ken MacLean How to Improve Your Editing Skills
19-Jun-08 Victor R. Volkman Publishing, ISBN, the Library of Congress, and BISAC
26-Jun-08 Emily Heineman How to Brand Your Book
10-July-08 Graham Van Dixhorn
Susan Kendrick
Creating Powerful Book Covers
17-July-08 Jim and Linda Salisbury Smart Self-Publishing
08-Aug-08 Jo Virgil Getting Your Book into a National Book Store
21-Aug-08 Yvonne Perry How to Become a Freelance Writer
04-Sep-08 Alice Acheson Publicity for Pennies
18-Sep-08 Tyler Tichelaar What can Author/Publisher Associations do for you?
09-Oct-08 Carol Denbow What’s Killing your Publishing Career?
16-Oct-08 Kevin Collier Kevin Collier – Illustrating and Designing Children’s Books
06-Nov-08 Valerie Connelly The Publishing Revolution and How it Affects You, the Aspiring Author
20-Nov-08 Suzanne Lieurance Developing Your Passion of Writing as a Career
04-Dec-08 Barbara Hudgins Crafting Travel Guidebooks:  How to write, publish, and sell your book
11-Dec-08 Alexis Niki Screenwriting 101
08-Jan-09 Janet Hill Writing True Fiction
22-Jan-09 Lynda Goldman How to Turn a Book into a Course
05-Feb-09 Clay Campbell Twelve Steps to a Better Website
19-Feb-09 Carol Hoenig Planning Book Events
04-Mar-09 Victor R. Volkman Lighting a Fire with Amazon Kindle eBook Reader
16-Mar-09 Victor R. Volkman
Irene Watson
Marketing Roundtable – Part I
Marketing Roundtable – Part II

08-Apr-09 Lissa Warren How to get your book on the store’s front table
22-Apr-09 Michelle Howe Turn browsers into book buyers
07-May-09 Edna Washington What Every Publisher Must Know About Accounting
21-May-09 Pete Masterson Everything You Wanted to Know About Subsidy Publishing But Were Afraid to Ask
04-Jun-09 Carolyn Howard-Johnson The First Great Impression: Book Proposals
18-Jun-09 Tweed Scott Turn Your Book into a Speaking Career & Sell Your Book at the Back of the Room
09-July-09 Dan Oja Digital Publishing: Beyond the Printed Page
23-July-09 Cheryl Pickett Unlimited Publishing Possibilities
06-Aug-09 Patricka Vaughn How to Write Your Own Story
20-Aug-09 Irene Watson Target Marketing for Fiction Writers: Why Some People Won’t Read Your Book
20-Aug-09 Irene Watson Target Marketing for NonFiction Writers: Why Some People Won’t Read Your Book
03-Sep-09 Deborah Reynolds Creating Great Impressions
17-Sep-09 Maria Allan Writing For & Reaching the International Market
01-Oct-09 Paul Muckley Writing and Publishing Christian Based Books
Author’s Afterburner #1

15-Oct-09 Kate Harper Getting Into the Greeting Card Market
05-Nov-09 Donna Kakonge How to turn your writing career into journalism
19-Nov-09 Paul Krupin Press Releases that Get Results
03-Dec-09 Deborah Heard Writing & Publishing Erotic Romance Novels
07-Jan-10 Alan E. Smith Podcasting for Authors
21-Jan-10 Dana Smith Twitter, Tweeting, and Re-tweeting: Twitter Book Marketing
04-Feb-10 Jamie Saloff Six Rules That Will Kick-Start Your Book Website into Full Gear
18-Feb-10 Ernest Dempsey Earn Extra Income Freelance Writing for the Web

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