Pete Masterson – Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Subsidy Publishing…

On May 21st, 2009, Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman interviewed Pete Masterson, veteran book designer, publisher, and owner of Aeonix Publishing Group. We had a wide-ranging discussion of all things vanity press, subsidy publishing, co-publishing, and employing a “self-publishing” company.  Key discussion points included:

  • The pros and cons of traditional large or medium sized commercial trade publishers.
  • The pros (very few) and cons (many many) of subsidy publishers (or “self-publishing companies” as they’re calling themselves these days).
  • Discuss the pros and cons of a do it yourself self-publishing process — with or without help from a book coach, packager, etc.
Pete Masterson is the author of Book Design and Production: A Guide for Authors and Publishers. He founded Aeonix Publishing Group in 1997 after having owned a print shop, managed a book oriented typesetting service doing work for large and medium sized publishers, and after managing the publications and graphic production contractor at NASA Ames Research Center.He is a publishing consultant, book designer, and cover designer — he is accepting a limited number of new clients. During his career he pioneered POD production for price list publications at Southern Pacific Railroad, and was an early participant with desk top publishing in a print shop setting. He has supervised production of more than 1000 publications. Currently, he is focusing on sales of his book and in sharing his publishing knowledge with the independent publishing community Book Design and Production

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