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On Feburary 19th, 2009 Alan E. Smith (author of UnBreak Your Health) and Tyler Tichelaar (author of the Marquette Trilogy) spoke with Carol Hoenig, fiction writer and book event expert, about how to plan a successful book sales event.  Carol is the expert behind the new book The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events and shared generously from her hard-won experiences.Rarely do authors think about book events until they have found a publisher. However, part of being able to snag a publisher is knowing your market. Most authors immediately think they should do events in bookstores, but they ae not always the best place to do an event. Every writer who wants to have a successful book has to start first with good writing and a marketing plan. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been traditionally published or gone the r
oute of self-publishing, the author must take a hands-on approach in marketing their book.

Carol Hoenig

Carol Hoenig is a fulltime freelance writer and publishing consultant. Her
novel, WITHOUT GRACE, has been given several awards, including the Silver Medal for Book of the Year 2005 by ForeWord Magazine and given First Place for
Fiction by the DIY Book Festival. Her book THE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO PLANNING BOOK EVENTS was named finalist by USA Book and Reader Views and given the Gold medal by ForeWord Magazine for Book of the Year in the category of writing. Carol’s essays, articles, book reviews and short stories appear in a wide number of publications. Carol blogs for The Huffington Post covering politics, culture, the publishing industry and the writing life.

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