Emi Battaglia – Facts and Truths from a Top Traditional Publisher

On Thursday, July 19th 2007, Victor R. Volkman and Irene Watson spoke with Emi Battaglia, Vice-President and Associate Publisher at Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group (formerly known as Warner Books). She directs the entire range of marketing strategy and activities for the company and all books on their lists. Emi spoke with us about how marketing works in “one of the biggest of the small publishers”. With an annual output of 300 new titles per year, GCP has a considerable role in the marketplace. We talked specifically about how a traditional publisher supports the author with marketing, how book and media tours work, how books get placed into a traditional publisher, and how a unique marketing mix can be developed to match the strengths of each title and its author.
Emi works closely with the publisher, authors and editors, and with the heads of sales, advertising/promotion, account marketing, publicity, and online marking. Emi has been in the publishing business since 1984 in various positions at St Martin’s Press, New American Library, Simon and Shuster and other companies. She helpedan launch Martha Stewart Living magazine and has earned two Awards for Excellence from Literary Market Place (LMP). She has personally worked with many notable authors including Jack Welch, Kitty Kelley, Michael D. Eisner, Maria Shriver, Bill Gates, David Baldacci, and Brad Meltzer. She is sharing her unique experience of more than 20 years in the publicity side of the business. Her passion is seeing an author deliver their message successfully through the media to bookbuyers. Listen to the PodCast!   Click here for RSS feed!   

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