Susan Violante – Writing Your Book with Oral History Techniques

 On October 5th, 2011 Victor R. Volkman and Donna Winters spoke with writer, broadcaster, and historical fiction writer Susan Violante about incorporating research from oral history into fiction and non-fiction contexts.  In 2010, she published her Young Adult novel Innocent War: Behind and Immigrant’s Past — Book One. She currently works as the Editorial Assistant for Reader Views and First Chapter Plus. During the course of her writing she used tapes her father recorded as well as one-on-one interviews to flesh out the events, characters, and emotions that she hoped to capture in her book.  In this wide-ranging discussion, we covered those issues and much more:

  • Researching for your book
  • Benefits of Interviewing as a research tool when writing any story
  • Different Interviewing tools and techniques.
  • Quick tips to interview like a professional.
  • How to use your story’s research to Market your book.
  • Creating Podcasts using recorded interviews done during story research.
  • Using your contacts generated through story research to promote your book.

Susan Violante

Susan Violante

Born and raised in Venezuela from Italian immigrants, author Susan Violante completed a BA degree in Political and Administrative Cs. and worked as Founding General Director of a Environmental Foundation before moving to the US. Although she built a career as a Business Analyst/Accountant since 1987, she also kept herself active as a Freelance writer. In 2010 Violante finally retired from Accounting and leaped to the publishing industry. She is also finishing her first picture book titled Tuma: The Little Indian Princess while working on Book 2 of her Series. Susan is also the host of I Have Something to Say LIVE, and soon to be Managing Editor of her newest project: I Have Something To Say Press. Her new radio show: Italian Austinite will go on the air through Blogtalk radio at the end of October.

Innocent War

Innocent War

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