Do books in Zambia need an ISBN?

Q: One of my clients in Lusaka Zambia has written a book, I’m not sure whether ISBNs are used in African publishing to distinguish one book title from another.

A: In Zambia, the ISBN seems to be administered by a consortium rather than a government agency. If he can show citizenship or residency, he can probably get ISBNs for free (I’m guessing). If he goes without an ISBN, essentially the book will not be orderable outside of Zambia and Amazon will assign a bogus pseudo-ISBN (“Amazon Stock Index Number” ASIN) to it

Address: Booksellers & Publishers Association of Zambia, P.O. Box 51109, Lusaka
Phone 1: (+260) 977 746477, Phone 2: (+260 1) 253 952
Contact Name: Ms Dongo Banda

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