Fall 2009 Podcast Lineup Announced

We are pleased to announce the Fall 2009 Podcast Lineup with an assortment of industry publishing and marketing experts for your delectation! Be sure to subscribe with the iTunes or PODCAST links at the bottom of this post.

03-Sep-09 Deborah Reynolds Creating First Impressions TBA
17-Sep-09 Maria Allan Writing For & Reaching the International Market TBA
01-Oct-09 Paul Muckley Writing and Publishing Christian Based Books TBA
15-Oct-09 Kate Harper Getting Into the Greeting Card Market TBA
05-Nov-09 Janet Riehl DIY Audio Books TBA
19-Nov-09 Paul Krupin Are Press Releases an Effective Way to Market? TBA
03-Dec-09 Deborah Heard Writing & Publishing Erotic Romance Novels TBA
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