Best book prices in the world — guaranteed!

Those of you who grew up in SouthEast Michigan may remember the 1970s when entrepreneurs and chain-store magnates filmed and broadcast their own commercials on local TV network stations.  There was Ollie Fretter, who said “I’ll give you 5 pounds of coffee if I can’t beat your best deal!”  Which, as a child growing up, I found unfathomable.  I’m sure it was a big metal can of Maxwell House pre-ground crep.

Anyways, there is a place where you can get the best deal on books new and used, its called and it is a price-comparison service that searches 130 online bookstores.  All you need is the ISBN, author, or part of the title and you are about 2 clicks away from the best price ever.  Typically you will save at least 30% on everything.

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