Alan Smith – Getting Interviews on AM/FM/Satellite Radio and BlogTalk Radio

Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with author, entrepreneur, and marketing guru Alan E. Smith on how to line up and successfully execute media interviews on AM, FM, Satellite, and BlogTalk Radio stations. Alan is the author of How To UnBreak Your Health.  Since the first edition of his book was published in late 2007 he’s been interviewed on more than 70 radio programs.  He’s been on AM, FM, Internet and even satellite radio shows talking about his book about complementary and alternative medicine. Topics covered:

  • Why should authors use radio to promote their book?
  • Is one type of radio (AM, FM, Internet) better than another for generating book sales and visibility?
  • How do you find a radio show that might want to have you on?
  • How do you get on a radio show?
  • What’s the best way to prepare for a radio interview?
  • What do you do during an interview?
  • Is there anything you suggest doing after an interview?
  • How do you capitalize on an interview after it’s over?
  • We’ve even had Alan Guest Host a couple of Authors Access shows and I highly highly recommend you listen to our roundtable episode called “Podcasting For Authors” which has all the resources you need to start your very own podcast.  Since his college education was in broadcast journalism he chose to make radio his primary marketing tool for his book, also because it was free.

    Resources mentioned in this episode

  • Francine Silverman
  • Alex Carroll
  • Talkers magazine
  • Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR)
  • Help-A-Reporter Out (HARO)
  • Reporter Connection
  • PitchRate
  • Book Marketing Network

    UnBreak Your Health(TM) offers proven healing techniques from the most modern innovations to ancient healing therapies. With 339 new and updated listings in 150 different categories this is the most complete book ever published on complementary and alternative therapies (no diets or supplements). This updated edition again focuses on therapies, systems and devices in the field of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. Many topics also have accompanying podcast interviews with leaders and innovators in the field

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    2 Responses to Alan Smith – Getting Interviews on AM/FM/Satellite Radio and BlogTalk Radio

    1. I’ve always admired Alan Smith and his marketing expertise. Thanks for including him in this interview – and also for providing such great resources for authors!

    2. He offered a lot of nitty gritty information that I hadn’t thought of. Definitely worth the half hour I spent listening. Thanks!

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