Victor R. Volkman – Amazon Adventures: Staring Down “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore”

Hello and welcome to a special edition of Authors Access where Authors get published and published authors get successful. I’m your host Victor Volkman, from Loving Healing Press in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Tonight we will be listening to my lecture “Amazon Adventures” delivered live at the Motown Writers Conference on November 9th, 2007. In this lecture, I’ll be covering a variety of Amazon programs and strategies including: Amazon Advantage, Amazon Associates, Amazon Connect, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Mechanical Turk.  I’ll also highlight how to make Advanced Tactics work for you such as Listmania!, Search-inside-the-book, social networking, video reviews, and much more. Loving Healing Press
Be sure to download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation that goes with this lecture  so you can read along as we cover the material (PDF version).  This lecture was recorded about two weeks before the release of the Amazon Kindle eBook reader so we won’t be mentioning it.  However, we hope to have a show in early 2008 that highlights the strengths of this platform and how to parlay your Amazon experience with the Kindle reader.  Now sit back and listen to Amazon Adventures recorded in the Southern Fires restaraunt in Detroit Michigan. 

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