Lee Fodi – Illustrations that Sell Children’s Books

On August 23rd, 2007 Victor R. Volkman and Irene Watson spoke with children’s book author and illustrator Lee Edward Födi. He is the creative force behind The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar and has also illustrated numerous picture books for other authors, including the Canadian national bestseller, The Chocolatier’s Apprentice. His latest book, Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger, will be released in October 2007. Lee shared details with us on how illustrators work with authors, how to find an illustrator to match your story, and how a picture can motivate a story and vice-versa.
Födi is an engaging public speaker, specializing in presentations and workshops for elementary-aged children. In addition, he is a co-founder of Dream Workshop, a program in which children’s authors, artists, and performers help kids publish their very own books. Födi is very fond of his students, who have invented several nicknames for him such as “The Wizard of Words,” “Mr. Wiz,” and “Mr. Evil Wiz.” It goes without saying that the last one is his favorite.

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