Get Google Book Search on YOUR website and/or blog

As a Google Print Partner, Loving Healing Press submits all of our books to Google Book Search.  This means that keywords in your book itself are searched along with websites as possible search returns from Google.  Another benefit is that you can insert a “widget” on to your web page that allows people browsing your site (or blog) to browse your book too.  What in the world am I talking about?
Here’s an example steps (if you’re already a Google Print Partner or your publisher is a participating Google Print Partner).  If not… you need to sign up here.

1.  Find your book on
2.  Click on the “Link” link on the far right (look for the chain icon)”
3.  Choose “Embed” from the pulldown menu and copy the text to the windows clipboard (<CTRL><C>) or Mac Clipboard
4.  Edit your blog posting or web page (in HTML mode) and paste in the clipboard text
5.  You’re done!

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