Derek Armstrong – How to Get Reviews with the Big Five

On Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 8:00PM, Irene Watson and Victor Volkman spoke with bestselling novelist and publisher Derek Armstrong of Kunati Books Inc, an international publisher of controversial, provocative and bold titles. He is also the author of THE GAME, a thriller novel launching this spring to stunning reviews and major buzz ” including “front of store” position in major chains. Derek has been able to secure 5 out of 5 of the top trade review journals for one of his books: Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, Foreword, and ALA Booklist.  That’s what I call hitting it out of the park!  Derek shares his secrets for successful review including the “log
line”, marketing image, and attitude.

He previously authored THE PERSONA PRINCIPLE from Simon & Schuster, with co-author Kam Wai Yu, a best selling book on Image Marketing. Derek loves the provocative, controversial and unique. Derek Armstrong writes thrillers because, according to him, “they’re entertaining and you can be ridiculous and serious at the same time. Accomplishments: Derek Armstrong has won many awards for advertising Derek Armstrong is also founder of “Canada’s best” ad agency according to the Toronto Star. Persona Corp wrote the book on Image Marketing.

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