Brent Sampson – Navigating the Amazon Sales Ranking

Brent SampsonOn February 22nd 2007 at 8PM EDT we speak with Brent Sampson is the president and CEO of Outskirts Press, Inc., at  Brent will walk us through the bizarre and confusing world of understanding Amazon sales ranks.  Specifically, he’ll talk about how to find your rank, what Amazon claims the rank means, common myths of the sales rank, tips for increasing your sales rank and much more.

Outskirts Press simplifies the publishing process by offering turn-key publishing and marketing packages that combine the best aspects of traditional and independent publishing.  As an award-winning author, poet, speaker, and artist, Brent Sampson understands the mania of the muse and how to infuse success into every creative endeavor.  Brent’s proficiencies with selling, marketing, publishing, and coaching conspired to launch Outskirts Press, one of the fastest growing on-demand publishing companies in America, with a growth rate exceeding 30% per month.  A publishing company is only as successful as its authors; Outskirts Press authors earn up to tens-of-thousands a dollars per month in royalties, thanks largely to the education and coaching available exclusively through the Outskirts Press Marketing COACH, offering Creative, Online Assistance, Coaching, and Help.  The first in a series of Marketing COACH books and workbooks written by Brent Sampson will be published in March, 2007 titled “Sell Your
Book on Amazon.”  Learn how to get a free 14-page “sneak peek” eBook during the show.

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