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On Thursday, Sept 13th, 2007 Victor R. Volkman and Tyler Tichelaar spoke with Bob Rich, a writer, editor, and psychologist living in Wombat Hollow, Australia. In addition to writing, He has been a professional editor since 1999, working his way through two books in a typical week. He has worked on everything from abstruse Ph.D. theses and graduate textbooks to children’s picture books, and all genres of fiction. Bob spoke to several key issues of editing including:

  • Why use an editor? Can’t I get my own work right?
  • Surely, if the content is good enough, it doesn’t matter if it is a bit rough in presentation?
  • Won’t the publisher have my book edited after acceptance? So why should I bother with all that grammar and spelling stuff?
  • Are there different kinds of editing? What are they?
  • Do you need specialized knowledge to be able to edit a non-fiction work?
  • Do you need to like a book in order to do a good job editing it?
  • How does editing differ from criticism?
  • What are the kinds of things you look for in a book?
  • How may my book be improved by having it edited by someone like you?
  • Bob’s services are used by several independent publishers, including Loving Healing Press. However, most of his work is from writers wanting to polish their work before submitting to an agent or publisher (or self-publishing), and comes to him through recommendation from happy clients. He does both line editing and content editing. What I like best is how he applies his deep knowledge and study of human psychology to each editing project.

    Bob is the author of more than a dozen books on a wide range of topics including the “Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house”, now in its 4th edition, “Woodworking for Idiots Like Me”, Cancer: A Personal Challenge, and many others. Four of them have won international awards.

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