Apple’s iTunes now hosts Authors Access Podcasts!

We are proud to announce the availablity of Authors Access Podcasts on Apple’s iTunes service.   You can find us in the Podcasts section of iTunes by searching on Authors Access as well.  Even if you don’t own the ubiquitious iPod, there are many advantages to using the free iTunes software on your PC. Specifically, after you Subscribe to Authors Access podcasts it automatically downloads each new episode to your computer as soon as it is posted.  If you do own a portable MP3 player (iPod or otherwise), it will then be sent to your iPod at the next available opportunity allowing you to learn more abou
t writing, publishing, and marketing on your daily commute, on the exercise treadmill, or even while mowing your lawn!  Join the revolution today!


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2 Responses to Apple’s iTunes now hosts Authors Access Podcasts!

  1. mfleischner says:

    This is a huge benefit to any author who has a podcast or audio program. iTunes is obviously the largest provider of downloadable music, videos, tv shows (yes, believe it or not you can download entire seasons if you want), and podcasts.

    I run my own business and have utilized podcasts to allow for dynamic content and onsite interviews. As an Internet marketing expert I can tell you that podcasting will reach new proportions with the iTunes platform. This development is similar to Google allowsing for ads to be distribted across their network of websites (which number in the hundred of millions).

    At the end of the day its all about scale. If you podcast, visit iTunes and search for podcasts in your subject area. You may find few competiting podcasts… but not for long!

  2. Victor says:

    Little did I know! We saw traffic more than double last week since we added iTunes distribution. Time will tell if this is a one-time blip or a continuing trend or what…

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