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On August 25th, 2012 Susan Violante and Victor R. Volkman spoke with publisher and family archiver Ronnie Boggess.  After doing extensive research on her own family genealogy, Ronnie had both the vision and the goal to help others research and find facts and stories about their families.  Whether writing about one member or several,  she has a passion for getting members to record and publish, one of a kind books that can be passed down from generation to generation.

  • Exactly what are Legacy Books?
  • How did you get started in publishing Legacy Books?
  • Who would be interested in Legacy Books?
  • What if one is not a writer or researcher?  How would she/he get started with the family history?
  • Why would someone be interested in publishing a family history book?
  • Have you published any interesting Legacy stories?
  • How would one get started writing or publishing a Legacy book?

Ronnie Boggess

Ronnie Boggess

Ronnie Boggess, is the president and CEO of My Vision Works Publishing, an Indie Publisher and author support company that specializes in first time authors, children’s books,  poets, educational and the newest…. Legacy Books.  Founding the company in 2008, she uses her extensive background in education as well as specific training in process writing, creative writing, editing and literacy consulting  to assist authors in developing and publishing books of all genres.

An author in her own right, she has written and published over 12 books including 5 children’s books, 3 fictional, several  non-fiction and 2 educational texts.  The books have been featured on Fox news, the Detroit Free Press and many other media.    Ronnie lives in the metro Detroit area, where she enjoys entertaining, painting, attending cultural events and spending time with family and friends.

Colored Girls Don’t Like the Cold

Colored Girls Don’t Like the Cold

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