Elizabeth Burton: The Lifecycle of Publishing a Book

Elizabeth BurtonJoin us on Internet Voices Radio on Thursday, Nov. 15th 2006 at 8PM EDT as we speak with veteran author and editor Elizabeth Burton. She’ll be talking to us about the basic goals and struggles that a new author must contend with: getting comfortable selling your new product, understanding the role of the editor in improving your product, effectively working with the publishing company through the steps of copyediting, proofing,  cover design and all the little things that turn a manuscript into a book.

Elizabeth Burton decided she wanted to be a writer one night after she scared her friends with a made-up-on-the-spot horror tale that left them with goosebumps. Forty years later, she finally made it when her first novel, the fantasy Dreams of Darkness, was published. While she waited to get on the bestseller list, she decided to make a little spending money editing books, which led to her becoming the editor-in-chief at Zumaya Publications, a small Canadian press in 2005. She is currently a partner in the company and now living in Austin, Texas. Elizabeth calls it the “total-immersion school of publishing.”

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