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On December 10th, 2008 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with screenwriting guru Alexis Niki Alexis Niki is a writer, producer, and script consultant originally from New York and now living in Paris, France. She started her writing career with a seven-year stint as a freelance script translator and film subtitler for customers such as Columbia Tristar and Warner Brothers. Alexis shared with us some key questions about how to get started as a screenwriter including: what is an adaptation, how are novels different than screenplays, what is the “concept” of a screenplay and why is it important, how to pitch your screenplay, how to register your screenplay, and success tips for screenwriters from her new book 101 Screenwriting Tips. Alexis Niki
Alexis continues to provide script analysis, translations, and rewriting services directly to writers and producers who are preparing their projects for the US market. In 2007, Alexis wrote the book 101 Screenwriting Tips (published by LifeTips), a practical guide to screenwriting that has been described as “fun, informative, and to the point.” In November of the same year, she partnered with George Leclere, former Executive Director of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the current Director of the Banff World Television Awards, to write and develop ecology-themed stories for film, television, and the Internet. Two of these projects are currently in development.As a team member of international film association DreamAgo, she helps choose the scripts for DreamAgo’s annual screenwriting workshop in Switzerland. In addition, Alexis is on the development team of the newly-for
med Pavaline Studios, New York. Alexis runs the Paris-based screenplay critiquing group Les Scénaristes, and she continues to work on her spec projects. She is also a certified Alexander Technique teacher. We are very pleased to have her on the line with us live from Paris for this transcontinental interview.

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