Top 10 Podcast Guests for 2008

Congratulations to our Top 10 Podcast Guests for 2008! You have made the biggest difference for our listeners in generously sharing your expertise and experiences. The lasting value of your message really shows, regardless of when your show was aired.  Our hat is off to you!






1 15-Nov-07 Carolyn Howard Johnson Frugal Book Promotion
2 08-Aug-08 Jo Virgil Getting Your Book into a National Book Store
3 06-Dec-07 Maryglenn McCombs Why Should You Hire a Publicist?
4 21-Dec-06 Joan Neubauer Elements of Great Storytelling
5 26-Jul-07 Jacqueline Marcell How to Get Celebrity Endorsements
6 02-Aug-07 Shaila Abdullah Creating a Website That Sells Your Book
7 02-Aug-07 Victor R. Volkman Amazon Adventures: Staring Down Earth’s Largest Bookstore
8 28-Jun-07 Irene Watson Getting Great Reviews
9 29-Dec-07 Linda Daly Book Marketing 101
10 07-Feb-08 Brad Grochowski Successful selling books online
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