Podcasting for Authors – Roundtable with Alan E. Smith

On January 8th, 2010, we convened a roundtable discussion on Podcasting for Authors with Victor R. Volkman, Irene Watson, and Alan E. Smith. Each of the principals invited has been recording and distributing podcasts for several years through Authors Airwaves, Inside Scoop Live, and UnBreak Your Health, and  podcast programs respectively.  Our discussion ranged through a wide variety of subjects from production to promotion to book tie-ins and of course, getting started.1.  How did you get into podcasting?
2.  Is it hard to do, do I have to learn a lot of stuff?
3.  Should I use blogtalkradio or do-it-myself?
4.  How do I get guests, what do I talk about?
5.  How do I promote the podcast?
6.  What is RSS.XML and stuff like that
7.  How can I tie my book into the podcast without making it an endless infomercial?
8.  Can I integrate or interweave my book and podcast content?
9.  How do I measure success?
10.  What about audio quality?  tips
Alan E. Smith Alan E. Smith
Victor Volkman specializes in the audio engineering aspects and has done audio editing for quality control on more than 200 podcasts, including all 102 podcasts of Authors Access.  The chief problems that he works on involve noise reduction, balancing the levels, integrating background music and commercials, fixing speech problems, and maintaining quality and continuity. His audio editing suite is Goldwave Version 5.

Irene Watson is the owner of Reader Views, a full-service book marketing and publicity firm with a wide range of services from reviews to interviews to book editing and agenting. In 2005, she created  Inside Scoop Live which has produced nearly 400 shows  which is now primarily hosted by Juanita Watson. Inside Scoop Live is a global internet-based broadcast specializing in interviewing published authors about their current books and areas of expertise.  Her preferred recording platform is Audio Acrobat dot com” Alan E. Smith is the author of Unbreak Your Health: The complete guide to complementary and alternative therapies.  Alan has produced 55 podcasts since 2008 with a variety of guests from bestselling authors such as Bruce Lipton, PhD, who wrote “The Biology of Belief” which was a major influence of the infamous “What the Bleep” movie and also the creators, deans, and master teachers of many techniques such as Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Touch, and dozens of others.

Resources we mentioned on this show

Internet Stations to consider broadcasting on

For publicizing your podcast show

  • Francine Silverman’s Talk Radio Wants You
  • Alex Carroll’s database of talk radio
  • Podcastdirectory.com
  • Podcast411.com
  • Podbean.com
  • Podseek.net
  • Dailyslice.com
  • Google’s podcast directory

Where to get great guests?

  • PitchRate.com
  • HARO (www.helpareporter.com)
  • RadioGuestList.com
  • www.mymediaconnections.ning.com
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Author of "Beyond Trauma: Conversations on Traumatic Incident Reduction" and six other books.
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