Emily Heineman – Success through building your book as a brand

On June 5th, 2008 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with Emily Heineman, Marketing Director at Perceptive Marketing.  Emily manages the details of the marketing and publicity efforts – working directly with clients in the book business. Emily laid down the basic facts for us on how brands work in the book genre and how important they are to long-term success.  Branding can take place at different levels: yourself as the expert author, your main character as a darling of pop culture (think Harry Potter), and of course as a book series.  We looked at the nuts-and-bolts of establishing a brand, ensuring your brand is associated with quality, and the importance of consistency among other issues in this wide-ranging discussion. Emily Heineman
Emily works with Sandy Lawrence (CEO and Founder of Perceptive Marketing) as the Marketing Director for the company. Most of Perceptive Marketing’s clients are authors or publishers and Emily helps them realize their dreams. She helps to create marketing materials, including press releases, media kits, and press kits, and she facilitates the booksignings and other special events. Many of the Perceptive Marketing authors are children’s book authors who want to present their program and book in the schools. Emily works with the librarian to coordinate the events and make it enjoyable and fun for the author and the kids. Emily is one of the leaders in Perceptive Marketing’s latest project, Operation StoryTime, a program that helps bring authors and books to schools that do not have a budget for author visits – or money to buy the books. Perceptive Marketing

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