Graham Van Dixhorn and Susan Kendrick – Creating Powerful Book Covers

On Thursday, July  10th 2008  Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with publishing consultants Graham van Dixhorn and Susan Kendrick of Write To Your Market about  what makes a powerful book cover and how to transform your book’s cover into your most powerful marketing tool. We covered critical aspects of cover design including,

  • Why starting your cover early in the process of creating your book is a good idea.
  • When should you start marketing your book?
  • How to build your brand using your book cover.
  • What are the criteria for a great non-fiction book title and subtitle?
  • What is involved in obtaining killer endorsements and testimonials?
  • What if your book has multiple target audiences?
  • What comes first on a cover, words or design?                                           
Susan Kendrick and Graham Van Dixhorn, of Write To Your Market, Inc., help you develop a powerful brand with your book cover so that you can achieve the visibility, recognition, and results of today’s most successful “authorpreneurs.” Their clients report results like selling 125,000 copies of a first book, many based on the title alone. Their clients also use the cover language Susan and Graham create to increase Amazon rankings before their books are released; get national media coverage by the L.A. Times, The New York Times, and USA Today; appear on national TV talk shows, including Dr. Phil and The Today Show; and help them win more than 23 major book awards, including Ben Franklin, IPPY, Foreword Magazine, and DIY.Susan and Graham serve clients across the U.S. and in Canada, England, Europe, and Australia, who are experts in the fields of: health, relationships, business management, and many other topics.

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