What EVERY blogger must do is the authoritative source of information on Blogs, think of it as the Yahoo or Google of the blog world.  Yes, it’s that important.  Everyone with a blog should sign up for a free Technorati account and “claim” their blog.  This involves simply pasting a cookie in your blog one time to proove that you are indeed the person who is posting the posts.  Then you get to add a description of your blog, understanding your rankings, and see what other people are writing about your blog ( example: )

  • You also get a cool widget you can add to your website or blog showing your most recent posts and demonstrating your “authority”. 
  • You also can add keywords to your blog for your most common themes so new people can find your blog.

1) Technorati State of the Blogosphere Survey

Over the years, Technorati has been tracking the State of the Blogosphere. Our annual study investigates how blogging is growing and changing, as well as its impacts on current events and the bottom lines of businesses and bloggers. Please share your perspective by participating in our survey.

We think you’ll find the survey interesting. It should take just 15 minutes of your time, and of course your answers will be completely confidential. Please feel free to send this link to other bloggers you know. And be sure to check back on Technorati in October for a summary of the results.

2) Become a Technorati Writer

Technorati is entering into the next phase of our evolution: original content. Beginning in October, Technorati will feature original content on the site written by bloggers just like you! This is an amazing opportunity to give your writing vast exposure, become known as an expert in your field/s of interest, and to join a vibrant writer community.

Get in on the ground floor by signing up via the Technorati Contact Page. Select the “New: Technorati Writer Signup” option from the “Message Type” drop-down box. You will receive information and writing instructions as we get closer to launch date. We very much look forward to working with you!

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