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On July 26th, 2012 Tyler R. Tichelaar and Victor R. Volkman spoke with media guru and blogger Jason Boog about current trends in the rapidly changing publishing industry. Jason Boog is the editor of Mediabistro’s publishing blog, GalleyCat. His first book, Will Write for Change: How New York City Writers Survived the Great Depression, is forthcoming from OR Books. His work has been published in Los Angeles Review of Books, The Believer, Poetry Foundation and Salon.  In a wide-ranging conversation we covered many technological and media trends including:

  • Can eGalleys replace printed galleys for all prepublication uses?
  • What are new tools that authors can use to augment their book and message?
  • Interactive ebooks vs. websites, what makes sense?
  • Parallels between the last recession of 2009 and the Great Depression and how one writer survived
  • What’s going on with Patron Driven Access (PDA) for library eBook sales?
  • How can I stay up on the trends and ahead of the curve?

Jason Boog

Jason Boog

Jason worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala from 2000-2002. He earned his master’s degree in journalism from New York University two years later. After school, he edited The Publishing Spot blog for the business blog network, KnowMoreMedia.For three years, Jason worked as an investigative reporter for Judicial Reports for three years. Jason joined GalleyCat as a freelance blogger in 2008 and Mediabistro promoted him to publishing editor in 2009. He also taught as an adjunct journalism professor at New York University.


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