Brad Grochowski – Selling Books Successfully Online

On Feb. 7th, 2008 Victor R. Volkman and Irene Watson spoke with Brad Grochowski of AuthorsBookshop about what it takes to sell books online. Brad has been running his own online bookstore for several years and it provides many of the same features that Amazon does: blogs, reviews, forums, PDF previews, and complete control of the product detail pages.  We talked about marketing strategies and tactics, how to use your time online effectively, quality and the market perception of independently published books, how we can emulate the success of indie music and films, and why you would choose to self-publish or work with a small press.
Brad Grochowski is a web entrepreneur and programmer, author and actor.  He is the founder of, an online bookstore that specializes in selling independently published books, as well as the website and the soon to be launched  His is also the author of the book The Secret Weakness of Dragons and Other Tales a Fairy Whispered In My Ear The Secret Weakness of Dragons

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