Top 10 Podcast Guests for 2009 – Q1

Congratulations to our Top 10 Podcast Guests for 2009 – Q1! You have made the biggest difference for our listeners in generously sharing your expertise and experiences. The lasting value of your message really shows, regardless of when your show was aired. Our hat is off to you!

Rank Original
Guest Subject Podcast
1 08-Aug-08 Jo Virgil Getting Your Book into a National Book Store
2 04-Sep-08 Alice Acheson Publicity for Pennies
3 12-Nov-08 Ryan Johnson POD Printing Books and Games
4 15-Nov-07 Carolyn Howard Johnson Frugal Book Promotion
5 11-Dec-08 Alexis Niki Screenwriting 101
6 21-Aug-08 Yvonne Perry How to Become a Freelance Writer
7 20-Nov-08 Suzanne Lieurance Developing Your Passion of Writing as a Career
8 16-Oct-08 Kevin Collier Kevin Collier – Illustrating and Designing Children’s Books
9 22-Feb-09 Carol Hoenig Planning for Successful Book Events
10 12-Nov-08 Edna Washington Using QuickBooks with Publishers in Mind

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