Susan Harrow: Get a 6-Figure Advance – Before You Write Your Book

 On Thursday, August 9th, 2007 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with Susan Harrow, CEO of She is a media trainer and marketing consultant and author of the books, Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul, “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah” “Get Into O Magazine” and Get a 6 Figure Book Advance. We talked with her about how you can get a 6 figure book advance like more than 10 of her clients and can become a best-selling author too! She also shared solid tips on how to get yourself an agent, how to develop an irresistible platform, and strategies to create an auction so your book sells to the highest bidder. Susan Harrow
Susan’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and best-selling authors including, iVillage, PlanetRx,  The Yellow Pages (SBC), Bill Graham Presents, Gillette/ , the North Face, Random House, Doubleday, Celestial Arts, Addison-Wesley, and many others.

She has media coached people who have appeared on top national radio and TV talk shows, and publications.

Susan has written for The San Francisco Examiner, Advertising Age, Bride’s, Complete Woman, The San Francisco Business Times, Bay Area Business Woman, Writer’s Digest, , and Sharing Ideas.

She has been profiled in Salon Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today online, and Investor’s Business Daily.

Through keynotes, seminars and individual and corporate coaching she trains clients to define and control their public image, handle any type of media interview, and create irresistible story ideas for producers, editors and news directors.


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