Paul Muckley – Writing and Publishing Christian Based Books

On October 1st, 2009 Tyler R. Tichelaar and Victor R. Volkman spoke with Paul Muckley, senior editor for non-fiction at Barbour Publishing, a Christian book publisher. He helped answer some key questions that face authors entering the Christian book market, including

  • What exactly is a “Christian audience”? How narrow—or broad—is that category?
  • What really is a “Christian book”? What does a “Christian book” include, or exclude?
  • How does Christian fiction differ from secular fiction? What is included or excluded from a specifically “Christian” novel?
  • How does one’s Christian faith “come through” in a manuscript? What should—and shouldn’t—be done in assembling a manuscript?
  • How can an author know whether his or her idea fits a particular Christian publisher’s niche?
  • What does a publisher want to see in a book proposal? What helps—or hurts—a prospective author’s submission?
Paul Muckley
Paul Muckley works at Barbour Publishing overseeing projects ranging from Bible reference to children’s activity books, daily devotionals to Bible crosswords and word searches. He’s been with Barbour since 1998. Paul and his wife, Laurie, have adopted three children, and like to serve as unofficial ambassadors for adoption.
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  1. Peggy D. says:

    Do you also write under the name “Paul Kent”, author of “Know Your Bible: All 66 Books”?

    If so, I would like to know your Christian background before I purchase the above book.

    If not, what do you know about him, if anything? I want to be sure what I read is a true interpretation of the Word of God and that the author is a genuine, born again, spirit-filled, child of God who has been inspired by God to write the book, and is not merely writing for profit or personal gain or exploitation of The Word, Christianity or the Lord God, Himself.

    Thank you for your time. Hope to receive a response from you soon.

    Peggy De Los Santos

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