2007 Show Schedule

Current Show Lineup

The new Show Lineup is now fully scheduled through April 2007  Irene and Victor invite you to join them each week as they explore the myriad issues involved in planning the production of your first book.  If you would like to post a question in advance for any of the guest speakers, please contact us at info@authorsaccess.com  Authors Access is where authors get published and published authors get successful.

Date Guest Topic Summary and Info Download
04-Jan-07 John Kremer Secrets of Successful Book Marketing
11-Jan-07 Bette Daoust Putting Together a Book Marketing Plan
18-Jan-07 Michele DeFilippo Getting the Perfect Cover for Your Book
25-Jan-07 Lila Guzman Successful Writing in the Children’s Market
01-Feb-07 Shel Horowitz Breaking Out Of the Bookstore  TBA
08-Feb-07 Margaret M. Lenois Choosing the Right Title For Your Book  TBA
15-Feb-07 Joyce Scott How to Overcome Political Games in Publishing  TBA
22-Feb-07 Brent Sampson Navigating the Amazon Sales Rankings  TBA
01-Mar-07 Bob Gussin Independent Publishers in Today’s World  TBA
08-Mar-07 Paul McNeese Leveraging Your Book as a Brand Building Opportunity  TBA
15-Mar-07 Derek Armstrong How to Get Reviews with the Big Five  TBA
22-Mar-07 Tyler Tichelaar Regional Writing Tips & Techniques  TBA
29-Mar-07 Jane Saylor Kickstart Your Memoir

Join us every Thursday night from 8PM to 9PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 

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