Valerie Connelly – The Publishing Revolution and How it Affects You, the Aspiring Author

On November 6th, 2008 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with author and entrepreur Valerie Connelly of Nightengale Press about digital print-on-demand publishing and how it has changed the familiar landscape for authors and publishers. Valerie is the founder of Nightengale Press, an independent publisher that has produced 80 books since 2003.  She shared with us her unique and hard-won expertise on marketing, cover design, bookstore placement and much more. Her latest book is an anthology entitled Calling All Authors: How to Publish with your Eyes Wide Open Valerie Connelly
An educator, artist, and world traveler fluent in French and English, Valerie Connelly manages Nightengale Press is now part of Nightengale Media LLC offering its authors a first class website, bookstore, marketing opportunities and more. Ms. Connelly is also the host of the Calling All Authors show at Global Talk Radio. Also, she is an artist whose paintings are exhibited around the USA. She is a member of the Cedarburg Artist Guild. Her works are available as original paintings and as prints.When anyone listening to this program today purchases Calling All Authos: How to Publish with Your Eyes Wide Open at 30% Off use the coupon code AUTHORSACCESS and you’ll receive a free bonus novel by Valerie Connelly

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