Marie Davis – Your Career as a Cartoonist!

On April 1, 2010 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman interviewed veteran cartoonist and graphic artist Marie Davis on the nuts-and-bolts of this exciting creative visual endeavor.    Marie is the creator of three comic strips which have run as long as 14 years in syndication: Kentucky Tales, She said…She said…, and Besos. We covered a wide range of topics in cartooning, including

  • Cartoons as educational tools
  • How to get started on cartooning
  • Building a portfolio and finding your creative voice
  • Non-traditional outlets for cartoon work: businesses, book illustrations, and more.
  • Coloring–how it works
  • Cartoon grammar–the 1 panel, 3 panel, and 6 panel strips
  • Finding a mentor
For seven consecutive years, Ms. Davis has won First Place in the Louisville Chapter SPJ Awards for her outstanding work in the fields of editorial cartoons and minority/women’s affairs reporting. Her commitment to Women’s History has led her to travel throughout the state of Kentucky uncovering the untold stories of women. These stories prompted her to create a traveling show entitled, Ten Great State Women, which kicked off at the state’s capitol in Frankfort with Governor Paul Patton leading the Opening Day festivities. The show then spent the rest of the year traveling throughout the Commonwealth, inviting all Kentuckians to learn more about the great wealth of women’s stories.

In 1994 her first strip, Kentucky Tales, began its fourteen year run as a newspaper-in-education program. It used humor and history to teach gender equity and multiculturalism to children in middle school. Now in its tenth year, Ms. Davis’ second strip, She said…She said…runs in Today’s Woman magazine. This cartoon’s topic deals with the struggles and accomplishments of women from the Kentucky and Southern Indiana area.

Her most current cartoon work is titled, Besos  it is a multilingual lesbian cartoon strip published in five languages: Belarusian, Russian, French, Spanish and English. With her business partner and marketing genius Margaret Hults, her audio book and this cartoon strip are spreading around the world. As of June 2009, they are available in the GBLT communities of Russia, Belarus, France, Mexico, Australia and the United States. Presently, we are engaging the women of India and China and plan to have this cartoon strip translated into Mandarin by the end of this year..

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