James P. Studinger – Using Your Book as an Investment Tool

On August 19th, 2010 Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman spoke with financial adviser and author James P. Studinger. He is the author of Wealth Is a Choice, and owner of the JPStudinger Group, a wealth-management company. Studinger wrote this book to create a road map for his children to follow should anything happen to him. This passion blossomed into a book to educate readers and help them embrace, not fear, financial decisions. This evening he spoke about the critical role of understanding how an author can exploit their book to best financial advantage, including:

  • What is the secret to becoming wealthy?
  • Good assets vs. bad assets
  • Efficiency
  • Where is there profit in a book?
    • Sales of books
    • Ancillary services
  • What have other authors done in your field
  • Leverage your credentials
    • Where would you like this to take you in the future?
    • Keep aligning your efforts with your goals.

James P. Studinger

James P. Studinger

Studinger’s expertise was called upon by the State of Michigan where he was instrumental in the passing of a new 529 College Savings Plan. For his part, Studinger was happy to participate in a plan that helps Michigan families educate their children. In 2009 he became the Vice Chair for the Michigan JumpStart Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to raising the financial literacy bar for kids. He is frequently a guest on Fox News for their “Money Matter’s” segment.

When not writing and advising, James enjoys the outdoors: hiking, camping, and fishing. He likes being active by running, triathlons, and hockey.  He resides in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with his wife and their two sons. To learn more, please go to www.jpstudinger.com

Wealth Is A Choice

Wealth Is A Choice

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