Q&A: Second Edition or Second Printing?

I will soon be doing a second printing of my book with some minor corrections such as punctuation, and a few word changes. Do you know if this would be considered a 2nd printing or 2nd edition, or still the 1st edition? I want to add the edition on the copyright page. Any suggestions?

This is a VERY common question.  In general, what you have outlined is a “Second Printing”.  And what you would do is underneath the copyright notice on the copyright page indicate “Second Printing — August 2020”

A “Second Edition” is only warranted when there is at least a 20% change in content (as in new or changed content).  Also, you do not want to disappoint fans of the first edition who run out to buy a second edition only to find out there’s virtually NOTHING they can identify as changed.  That makes them feel cheated.  And then, to be perfectly correct, a second edition OUGHT to have a new ISBN.  Why is that?  Because otherwise someone who buys the book would randomly get a first or second edition depending on what store they bought it from.  And the store would not be to blame because they fulfilled the order for a specific ISBN correctly!

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