Who Can I Trust?: A Practical Guide

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Answers for the Eternal Question: Who Can I Trust?

Trust is something that man in ancient times learned from the Shaman of his tribe. It was the Shaman's example as a member of that tribe or community that showed the people how and why to be trustworthy. It is not something that we learn in our modern day society because Traditional Shamanism has been all but lost to modern man. Let Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls, with her over 50 years of experience in the subject, help you:

  • Understand the illusion of control and the power of letting go
  • Identify and master the five elements of trust: Reliability, Consistency, Truthfulness, Accountability, and Follow-through
  • Learn why people lie and how to avoid this trap
  • Discover your own truth and how emotions can color it
  • Understand diversionary tactics that people employ to avoid accountability
  • Explore the nature of ulterior motives and how they affect follow-through

    Praise for the Teachings of Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls:

    "As Wahls makes completely clear, this is not about Shamanism, but rather the teaching of the art of living and the difficult questions that generally go unanswered in the process. Transport yourself back to your school days. How many times did you contemplate asking a question? How many times did you ask it? How many times did the teacher invite students to ask questions because other students would likely have the same questions? This non-fiction guide is much like that--a sort of solutions manual to the myriad questions that come up along this journey we call life."

    "You put all these wonderful things out there for us to look at, ponder on, research, pick up and play with, or to pick up add it to our set of tools and learn to use. So, thank you for this most fabulous tool. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
    --Darill Hall

    "I realize that your purpose is to show me how to find the answers within myself, which of course you knew all along. I know what it means to be a teacher now. You truly are wise, Shaman Elder Maggie."

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