What I Hope for You

A Grandmother's Wishes
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UPC: 978-1-61599-739-8
Brand: Loving Healing Press
Binding: Paperback
Audiobook: Audible, iTunes
Edition: 1st
Author: Jennifer Bonn
Illustrator: Bijan Sammadar
Pages: 24
Publication Date: 07/01/2023

What I Hope for You is the story of a grandmother's life hopes for her grandchild: a combination of wishes for happiness, strong character and a life of excitement, blessings and an everyday feeling of magic.

"What I Hope for You perfectly captures the joy and dreams of a grandmother for her young grandchild. Jen Bonn simply, vividly and sincerely expresses the hopes and wishes many of us have for our own grandchildren to become strong, loving and fulfilled in life. I will read this book many, many times to my own young grandson." -- Donna Wood, English teacher

"What I Hope for You is a lovely book of a grandparent's prayer for her grandchild's future. It is filled with beautiful imagery of castles by lakes and meadows full of flowers. The author dreams of the child being around nature and sensing God's beauty in the world, but also of the child growing into an adult with beauty inside their heart." -- Kathy Bridges, librarian

"I cannot say enough about What I Hope for You! I read it to my kids, and they loved it! It opened doors for wonderful questions and conversations. It is long enough to create a meaningful memory yet short enough to hold their attention. What wonderful affirmations to speak and pray over the ones we love the most!" -- Amber Faye Wardlaw, mother of three

"As a grandmother of three, this book resonated with me, and it is exactly what I would wish for my grandchildren. The first time I read What I Hope for You, I remembered my time with my grandmother, and I realized that these were all wishes she had for me." --Kimberly Tucker, aircraft mechanic III-Gen-Mods

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