Stolen Secrets: A Dr. Cory Cohen Mystery

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A woman reveals her most intimate fantasy...

a stolen secret which could lead to murder!

A strait-laced patient in San Diego running
for District Attorney is threatened by a midnight
phone caller who knows her dirty secret--her
fantasy of living as a prostitute--a secret she
shared only with Dr. Cory Cohen. After confronting
her therapist, she vanishes.

As Cory wrestles with her patient's disappearance,
the security breach and the potential
harmful effects on other patients, events escalate.
A patient is blackmailed. Cory is stalked,
and her quarters burgled, forcing her to escape
an unseen enemy and sending her on a spiraling trail of deceit,
betrayal, blackmail and murder.

Book #2 of the Dr. Cory Cohen Mysteries

"A genuine page-turner in the best sense. Her years as a
psychologist have earned Ceren a look at the darkness of the psyche
and human behavior. Psychologist-sleuth--Cory Cohen--is both
compassionate and tough. A strong, heartfelt work from a writer we
will be hearing a lot more about."

--T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar-winning author

"A haunting tale of ambition and betrayal that tests the strength
and ethical convictions of an engaging heroine. At every treacherous
turn a cunning and dangerous assailant tries to make Cory choose
between the welfare of her patients and her own life. A chilling read."

--Kris Neri, Agatha-nominated author

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